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Attack Surface Monitoring

Respond to Threats

Foretrace provides our clients with customizable alerting of​:

  • Changes in the exposure of discovered accounts (when accounts appear on a website, in a breach/spam list, or on popular paste-sites).

  • Registration of domains which could potentially be used to impersonate or phish clients.

  • Discovery of new documents which expose organizational metadata.

  • Appearance of owned domains or assets on blacklists.

  • And more...

Defend Your Domain

Foretrace provides our clients with modules to:

  • Discover which accounts are exposed to the internet, whether via posting to a popular scraped website or appearing in a breach or spam list. Clients may import accounts manually or have them sourced by Foretrace via OSINT.

  • Generate a list of potential phishing domains which can be used to impersonate clients, phish their employees/customers, or intercept misdirected email.

  • Assess exposed metadata, showing clients which files require property removal and remediation.

  • And more...

Adopt the Attacker Perspective

Foretrace provides our clients with the unique ability to:

  • Access, use, and automate complex OSINT gathering tools and techniques in an easy-to-use UI.

  • Receive alerts about changes in their exposure to the tools and techniques leveraged by cyber criminals which others are blind to.

  • Understand what can be seen from the outside in real-time, without standing up cloud infrastructure or purchasing an expensive penetration test.

  • And more... 

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