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Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Engage in Proactive Defense

Foretrace provides clients with the ability to:​

  • Monitor multiple clients domains and accounts.

  • Identify potential exposure and weak spots in their clients' public infrastructure.

  • Assess the exposure of discovered accounts, emphasizing VIP accounts. 

  • Find domains which can be used to impersonate or phish clients.

  • Learn when organizational metadata has been exposed via released files.

  • Determine if owned domains or assets appear on blacklists.

  • And more...

Protect Your Clients

Foretrace provides clients with the ability to assist their customers by:

  • Providing a wealth of passively gathered data which clients can use to develop comprehensive exposure reports for their customers.

  • Understanding customers' exposure and making recommendations to limit the information available to outsiders and cyber criminals.

  • Saving time, effort, and reputation by profiling clients' customers from the attacker view before an attacker does.

  • And more...

Add Unique Value

Foretrace provides clients a platform to:

  • Easily automate passive OSINT collection against their customers. A simple one-time configuration will add immediate value and insight into customers' exposure.

  • Show that they are ahead of the curve. OSINT collection is typically only performed during penetration tests or by cyber criminals. Automating its collection and alerting to changes will add value and appeal to clients' services portfolio.

  • And more...

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