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Vendor / Third Party Risk Monitoring

Generate Proactive Alerts

Foretrace provides our clients with customizable alerting of​:

  • Changes in the exposure of discovered accounts (when accounts appear on a website, in a breach/spam list, or on popular paste-sites) of any vendors tracked in the tenant.

  • Customizable alerting of leaked PII, PHI, and/or client specific phrases or patterns found online.

  • Registration of domains which could potentially be used to impersonate or phish clients and/or their vendors.

  • Discovery of new documents which expose organizational metadata.

  • Appearance of domains or assets owned by the client or their vendors with exposed vulnerabilities, or presence on blacklists.

  • And more...

Secure your Supply Chain

Foretrace provides our clients with modules to:

  • Track the external exposure of any quantity of organizations or vendors which the client chooses to monitor, all that is required is a domain.

  • Generate detailed scores for each Module, and a composite score for the overall security of the organizations digital presence.

  • Generate and share reports with organizations or vendors, detailing security gaps which have been observed externally .

  • And more...

Look through the Adversaries Lens

Foretrace provides our clients with the unique ability to:

  • View your third party vendors through the lens of an attacker.

  • Receive alerts about changes in vendor exposure and digital landscape to the tools and techniques leveraged by cyber criminals.

  • Understand what can be seen from the outside in real-time, without standing up cloud infrastructure or only receiving a snapshot from an expensive penetration test.

  • And more... 

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